Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oldie, but goodie

So, I've been without internet for a while. Funny thing is it was the router that died, and yet it worked for the 360, not my PC or laptop. Huh. Anyways, this time away from all my world wide web internets surfing has had me climbing the walls looking for something to do. Lucky for me I have a boatload of backlog titles that have accumulated over the years! The other day I pulled out Culdcept Saga for the Xbox 360.

In case you missed it, Culdcept Saga came out in 2008. It's the successor to the original game for the PlayStation 2, but in all fairness both versions are roughly the same. Basically it's like Monopoly met Magic: The Gathering and had a wild night of lust that resulted in a baby being popped out. Just had a mental image of Uncle Pennyworth getting it on an elf. Anyways....

So yeah, Culdcept Saga. FREAKING AMAZING! I loved the original for the PlayStation 2 and this version is every bit as addicting and fun to play. You basically have a deck of cards full of creatures, items, and spells. With that deck you go up against the CPU (or another player via Xbox Live....oh, wait, that feature is no longer available) and that match takes place on a gameboard. Each player takes turns on the field. Basically you role the die, move, and play a card. If you land on a block where your opponent has set up a, creature... you can either pay the toll or fight for the land with one of your creatures.

Each game has a set winning condition, where you basically rack up a required amount of Magic Points and complete a round around the board. Whether you win or lose, your given cards to edit your deck with. There's a great deal of customization in Culdcept Saga and you can really tweak and change whatever you want. There are a ton of cards to dig through and you can save multiple decks. Awesome!

Not so awesome is the fact that the Achievements suck. In order to get any Gamescore in this game you're going to work for it for, oh, about 200 hours or so? Even then the lack of online play eliminates those aspects anyways. Then again, I'm not playing Culdcept for the achievements. It's a great game for anyone who was ever a fan of tabletop card games like Magic.

Rank: 4 magical cards out of 5.

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